Call for Papers

IEEE International Workshop on Physical Attacks and Inspection of Electronics (PAINE) aims to take the advantage of physical analysis methods including microscopy, characterization, micro-analysis, etc. to improve the hardware security of electronics. PAINE will bring together experts from instrumentation and hardware security worlds together to share ideas and solutions to make Integrated Circuits hardware safe and secure.

PAINE is soliciting abstracts in the following topic areas:

  • Side channel attacks (power, timing, EM)
  • Physical tampering
  • FIB/SEM attacks
  • Electro-optical attacks using PEM, EOP, EOFM, etc.
  • Physical inspection, counterfeit detection/prevention
  • Reverse engineering
  • Physical/side channel fingerprinting
  • Chip and PCB level reverse engineering
  • Mod-chip Attacks on PCB
  • Microprobing and nanoprobing attacks
  • Bus-snooping
  • Fault injection attacks
  • Field based attacks
  • Countermeasures against Tampering and reverse engineering
  • Physical/logical shielding, etc.
  • Physical attacks on FPGA Bitstream
  • Physical attacks on analog & mixed-signal circuits and systems
  • Physical attacks on critical infrastructure, etc


Registration of Title + 1 page Abstract:
Notification of Acceptance:
Submission of final paper:


April 08, 2019
April 15, 2019
April 29, 2019


Technical Program:  N. Asadi (Program Chair)
Assistant Professor
University of Florida
E-mail: nasadi[at]ece[dot]ufl[dot]edu

General Information: M. Tehranipoor (General Chair)
Director, FICS Research
University of Florida
E-mail: tehranipoor[at]ece[dot]ufl[dot]edu

Form to Submit Papers



Please prepare your paper in Standard IEEE 2-column PDF format.

Paper length is 6 pages. If you need extra pages, there is an extra page fee that you can pay during registration.